4th–7th August 2022, Karlsruhe, Germany
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Rethinking translation handling

Based on the session "Rethinking translation handling" at T3CMD22 and the discussion at https://decisions.typo3.org, this workshop aims to collect use cases and pitfalls for multilingual projects in TYPO3.

While we have already delved into many technical details of possible solutions, the goal of this workshop will be to define the concrete problems that editors, translators, integrators and developers face and to find solutions for them.

The workshop will be conducted by Jo Hasenau as the maintainer of translation extensions such as L10nmgr and Localizer and Eric Bode as the session initiator.

Results will be presented later in a separate talk.

04.08.2022 15:45 - 16:30 Room "Sitegeist" (T20+T21)
Tutorial Advanced / Basic knowledge Advanced Workshop

* without prejudice, speakers and sessions are subject to change

During the event, we will take photos and shoot films for marketing purposes. They will be published on the Internet or in Social Media.