4th–7th August 2022, Karlsruhe, Germany
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Getting started with test-driven development with PHPUnit - Part 1

In this hands-on workshop, you'll learn

  • why automated tests are a good thing
  • how to write your first unit test with PHPUnit
  • what "test-driven development"(TDD, "test first") means and how to do it
  • how and what to test
  • some common testing patterns
  • why there is a plush elk in the room

The workshop requires a working knowledge of object-oriented PHP. Prior testing experience is not required.

You will need a laptop with a working local PHP 7 or 8 and Composer installation and an IDE like PhpStorm.

05.08.2022 14:30 - 15:15 Room "Sitegeist" (T20+T21)
Tutorial Advanced / Basic knowledge Beginner Workshop

* without prejudice, speakers and sessions are subject to change

During the event, we will take photos and shoot films for marketing purposes. They will be published on the Internet or in Social Media.